Make insurance agents into experts

Guide your agents handling complex questions like benefits management, prior authorization, and preventative health with no-code, interactive agent workflows.

How zingtree helps insurance companies

Show agents the exact words to say

Improve access to key information

Equip your agents with simple-yet-robust call scripts that help them get the right information, faster. Make your agents more confident and be better advocates in the process.

Reduce errors and expensive escalations

Make sure your team follows the right procedures and right messaging. Control costs by ensuring your first-line support teams answer the question correctly the first time.

Agents don’t waste time searching through knowledge base articles
Auto-fill CRM fields based on customer answers or agent actions
View every step taken while using your decision tree
Deliver the right troubleshooting guidance depending on the customer answer

Deflect inbound requests

Reduce the volume of support tickets by embedding Zingtree workflows into your website as a customer self-help tool. This allows customers to resolve common issues easily without agents getting involved.

For instance, Getty Images reduced support tickets by 60% using our self-help tool.

Reduced call wait times by 18 minutes

"We began building agent scripts in Zingtree so our support team could find answers quickly and deliver them correctly instead of rustling through a stack of papers and figuring out how to explain policies on the fly. Before Zingtree, call wait times used to be as high as 20 minutes while agents hunted for answers; now they average 2 minutes."


Tomekia Bozeman-Bailey

Director of Patient Access at Carti


Drive more value out of your CX Apps

Your workflows automatically connect across your systems, apps, and website to maximize efficiency and personalize every experience.

Adjust the number of licenses to handle seasonal spikes

Zingtree offers scalable license options to meet your needs. Change license count to match desired number of agents. Easily add or reduce licenses as demand increases or lessens.

This also means you don’t need to hire agents as early to get ready for the peak season. With Zingtree, you can ramp new agents in a few days.

Everything you need to build a team of experts

No-code authoring

Build, review, & publish changes to flows in real time, without requiring assistance from IT.


Integrate sophisticated logic into flows so agents always have the answer immediately no matter the complexity.

Advanced reporting

Leverage our advanced reporting to optimize your flows & manage team performance.

Embed Zingtree in your favorite CRM or contact center platform to dynamically pull/push data between the two from a single screen.


Read the Agent Expertise Gap Definitive Guide

Watch how to configure Zingtree with no code

Explore ready-to-go example trees you can use

Review the Implementation Process

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