Turn every agent into an expert

You can embed the agent workflows you create inside of the tools your agents use to improve call compliance & agent ramp time, creating overall support cost savings.

How it works

Build a workflow

Create agent workflows with bite-sized info to guide your agents to the next best action - with no code required. Auto-pull data from CRMs & contact center systems through native integrations.

Agents follow it

Say goodbye to searching for answers in a knowledge base for minutes while customers wait on hold. Empower your agents to have bite-sized, step-by-step answers no matter the question. Plus each step can auto-trigger actions like populating your CRM, sending an email, SMS, PDF, & more.

Create happy customers

From reducing average call handling times, to improving agent ramp time, your agents can now deliver a world-class customer experience. They know what to say, when to say it, and are more productive. And this can continually improve through agent feedback tools and manager reporting & analytics.

How zingtree helps your support & sales teams

Reduced call wait times by 18 minutes

"We began building agent scripts in Zingtree so our support team could find answers quickly and deliver them correctly instead of rustling through a stack of papers and figuring out how to explain policies on the fly. Before Zingtree, call wait times used to be as high as 20 minutes while agents hunted for answers; now they average 2 minutes."


Tomekia Bozeman-Bailey

Director of Patient Access at Carti

Improved agent ramp time by one week and cut call handle times by 2.5 minutes

"Zingtree allowed us to simplify choices for agents, and new hires so they can grasp the process more easily without having to master the complexities right away. Agents now walk-through and take the next step based on the interaction with the customer, so we don’t have to teach people all the little-bitty parts of the job every time.”


Monika Aufdermauer

Head of Customer Experience

Everything you need to slash agent ramp time

No-code authoring

Build, review, & publish changes to flows in real time, without requiring assistance from IT.


Integrate sophisticated logic into flows so agents always have the answer immediately no matter the complexity.

Advanced reporting

Leverage our advanced reporting to optimize your flows & manage team performance.

Embed Zingtree in your favorite CRM or contact center platform to dynamically pull/push data between the two from a single screen.

Don't keep your customers on hold.
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