Accelerate agent ramp time & reduce call handle time

Your expertise is walking out the door with your best reps when they leave. Use agent workflows to ramp new agents & underperforming agents faster to deliver better client results & save costs.

How zingtree can help your BPO

Reduce agent errors

  • There’s human error everywhere. If you have an agent press button, someone will press the wrong button.
  • Zingtree enables you to have all your customer processes in the back end.
  • Pull data out of tables and display call scripts & interactive guides based on the agent choice.

Onboard new customers faster

  • No more time-consuming customer meetings to capture and review their processes.
  • Build scripts and activate knowledge of your customers with no code.
  • Send customers URLs to review call scripts instead of heavy PDFs. You can even send data directly to their CRM.

Increase productivity

  • Reduce the time it takes to build a script from weeks to days using our no-code authoring tool.
  • Provide  a “single pane of glass” agent experience to elevate performance.
  • Activate knowledge by delivering the right content in the context of conversation using Zingtree’s decision tree engine
Reduced agent error, improved client onboarding times, and increased productivity

“I’m always recommending Zingtree to everybody. It’s easy to use. It can do integrations, and there’s even more integrations coming. Building scripts is fast, simple, and intuitive. It doesn’t take a lot of training to get to the basic level, so you can use it at the basic level if you want, but you can go deeper into it and learn how to do more. It allows for a lot of flexibility and control”.


Ross Fordham

Implementation Analyst


Drive more value out of your CX Apps

Your workflows automatically connect across your systems, apps, and website to maximize efficiency and personalize every experience.

Key features

No-code authoring

Build, review, & publish changes to flows in real time, without requiring assistance from IT.


Integrate sophisticated logic into flows so agents always have the answer immediately no matter the complexity.

Advanced reporting

Leverage our advanced reporting to optimize your flows & manage team performance.

Embed Zingtree in your favorite CRM or contact center platform to dynamically pull/push data between the two from a single screen.


Read the Agent Expertise Gap Definitive Guide

Watch how to configure Zingtree with no code

Explore ready-to-go example trees you can use

Review the Implementation Process

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