Work faster & automate tedious tasks

Messy notes? Let Author Assist AI translate content, reduce the script size, and summarize the actionable points for you. Say goodbye to switching between our platform and separate AI tools.

  • Summarize lengthy documents by condensing texts, extracting key points, or transforming them into instructions
  • Translate scripts into 18 languages for diverse audiences, eliminating manual work
  • Decrease Average Handle Time by reducing talk time without sacrificing your message

Write better & improve CX

Take the guesswork out of great writing. Check grammar errors and customize scripts for different audiences.

  • Check grammar automatically to maintain your brand's professional image
  • Adapt the writing tone to resonate with your audience
  • Improve writing by enhancing text readability and ensuring easy-to-understand call scripts
Enterprise AI+
  • Author Assist AI
    The cost of the plan decreases as the number of users increases
  • AI Semantic Search (soon)
  • AI Q&A (soon)
    Contact Center & CRM integrations Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Talkdesk, Cisco Finesse, WebEx Contact Center & more
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Self-Help Sessions
  • User-Based Pricing
    The cost of the plan decreases as the number of users increases

Author Assist AI is included in the Enterprise AI+ plan

Private alpha users can continue until 2023-end and choose to upgrade to Enterprise AI+ with a 20% increase or secure 10% off with a three-year commitment.

Unsure of your current plan or looking to upgrade? Get in touch to activate Author Assist AI for your organization.


How do I get started with Author Assist AI?

To prompt AI, navigate to any of your content nodes and look for a new icon in the content editor menu.

How to verify if Author Assist AI is included in my current subscription?

You can verify it by navigating to any of your content nodes. Check for its new icon in the content editor. Can't see it? You're likely on the business or enterprise plan. Upgrade to the enterprise AI+ account to unlock the functionality.

What does it mean that Author Assist AI is in the Alpha state?

The alpha state means that Author Assist AI is in its early stages of release. We're adding new features and refining existing ones based on your feedback.

How secure is Author Assist AI?

We prioritize the security of customer data at Zingtree. Author Assist AI was built with the same robust security measures and controls to give you confidence your data is secure and protected. All data is encrypted in motion and at rest.

How does Zingtree handle data privacy with Author Assist AI?

Author Assist AI is not intended to process personal data. We advise customers to never include personal data within the content nodes of their workflows as a best practice. Any personal data captured by the execution of workflow will not be accessed by the Author Assist AI feature.

Which AI models does Author Assist AI use?

Author Assist AI is powered by state-of-the-art models from OpenAI, the AI industry leader. We have performed a comprehensive vendor review of OpenAI to ensure they meet our stringent Security and Compliance requirements.

Is my data used to train the AI models of Author Assist AI?

No, your data is used solely for the purpose of providing you with this service. We leverage OpenAI commercially available models which by default do not use data submitted to train or improve the model.

What languages are supported by Author Assist AI?

18 languages: Spanish, German, French, French Canadian, Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, UK English, Australian English, American English, Polish, Danish, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedish.