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CX Answers

Instant and accurate information at your fingertips

CX Answers is an AI-powered search engine that helps you find information anywhere in your enterprise, wherever you need it.

  • Connect all your CX apps, from Salesforce to Google Drive
  • Embed widgets in agent desktops, CRMs, or websites
  • Set permissions and tailor answers for user-specific content
  • Harness CRM variables for accurate and relevant results (coming soon)

CX Answers

Deploy across customer & agent environments

Your agents & customers need to get answers faster. Zingtree delivers those right to their fingertips.

Customers can access through:
Help Center
  • Boost self-service by automating up to 50% of incoming tickets
  • Maintain relevant answers with variables from your CRM and website
  • Enhance accuracy as AI learns from customer interactions
Knowledge Articles
  • Adapt search results based on real-time customer behavior on your website
  • Boost upsells with Zingtree's contextual insights
  • Instead of links to knowledge, generate answers to direct questions
Authenticated Account Page
  • Deliver search results adapted to each user's account activity and preferences
  • Highlight account-specific updates or changes using AI-driven prompts
  • Allow users to ask product-related questions and receive straight answers
Agents can access through:
CRMs, CCaaS, & Custom Systems
  • Access fast and accurate answers from knowledge sources
  • Store and retrieve information in five languages
  • From Tier 1 agents viewing 10 articles to Tier 2 accessing 50—you control search results
Zingtree Knowledge Portal 
  • Access directly to CX Answers, perfect for agents without a dedicated CRM
  • Tailor search results based on user preferences or previous queries
  • Enhance search feed with decision trees for precise troubleshooting guidance

CX Answers

Speed up time to resolution

Ensure agents and customers always find actionable steps to resolve queries. Link knowledge articles to decision trees and guide users with bite-sized steps through troubleshooting.


What is the difference between CX Answers and CX Actions?

CX Answers is an AI-powered search engine that helps you find information anywhere in your enterprise. CX Actions is a forthcoming addition to CX Answers. It will offer more advanced capabilities, such as linking customer data, support tickets, and back-office systems, as well as creating custom actions in your third-party apps. It's part of our ongoing efforts to provide a comprehensive AI CX solution.

How does AI enhances the search experience?

Advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) optimized for CX provide context-aware, precise, and meaningful results every time you search using natural language queries.

How can I customize my search experience?

Zingtree allows for the design of unique widgets tailored to specific needs, people, use cases and placements, thereby improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

How do Decision Trees integrate with the CX Answers function?

Your decision trees can be indexed and used in your search and answer results. This means that your knowledge data can be directly linked to actionable decision trees and workflows, optimizing operations and reducing decision-making time.

How does CX Answers enhance the search process?

Much like our decision trees, Zingtree’s CX Answers accepts variables from websites, user records, CRMs to provide extra intelligence to the search process. We seamlessly integrate with these variables to show only the necessary knowledge data to your agents, employees and customers. (coming soon)

What are the prerequisites for using CX Answers?

Any user can create and deploy a search solution using Zingtree’s no-code solution. You simply need access to your knowledge data and understand where and how you’d like to deploy the search. We make the rest of the process as simple as possible. No advanced technical expertise is required.

How can I integrate CX Answers with my existing system?

Integration is easy and we offer a number of methods to integrate to maximize the value and flexibility of the solution. Integration options include CRM, Agent Portal, embedded in a website, and our virtual assistant.

How does CX Answers capability differ from traditional search engines?

Our platform leverages advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) for smarter, context-aware searches, ensuring accuracy and relevance. CX Answers enhances call centers and customer interfaces with decision trees and customized searches, boosting your CX strategy with greater automation and efficiency.

Do you provide any training or tutorials for new users?

Absolutely! We offer a range of tutorials, webinars, and guides. Additionally, you'll get implementation and optimization support from Day 1 included in the Enterprise AI+ package.